Covid 19

Super Smash Home Games

At Otago Cricket we are committed to Creating Outstanding Cricket Experiences for our fans. This summer, COVID-19 is going to influence the way our Dream11 Super Smash events are delivered and your event day experience will differ depending on what colour traffic light level Dunedin/Queenstown are at on the day of each event. 

Regardless of the traffic light level, our priorities will remain the same:

  • Protect our fans
  • Protect our players
  • Protect our venue
  • Ensure EVERYONE has a safe and entertaining experience 

Below is an outline of how our Dream11 Super Smash events will work at the ORANGE traffic light level. Please familiarise yourself with all of the details before attending the University of Otago Oval (Dunedin), or John Davies Oval (Queenstown) on matchday.