Mid-Week Intermediate Cricket

OCA's 'Mid-Week Intermediate' competition will be run on Wednesday's as an extra playing opportunity for Year 7&8 students. Schools may register more than one 8-aside team, who will play other Intermediate teams from around Dunedin at a neutral venue. Please find all further information below:


  • 2 x 16-over games per afternoon.
  • Bowl from one-end (2 hours allowed per game)
  • Hard-ball games
  • Afternoon game: 1:00pm start, 3:00pm finish.
  • Evening game: 3:30pm start - 5:30pm finish.
  • 'Grace period' of 6 balls.
  • Retirement at 30 balls (can come back in to bat).
  • Last man stands.
  • Girls-only & boys-only grades.

Optional Skills Session Dates:

3:30pm - 4:45pm, girls & boys welcome. Location TBC, run by qualified OCA staff.​​​​​​​

  • Week #1: Wednesday 16th February
  • Week #2: Wednesday 23rd February
  • Week #3: Wednesday 2nd March

Playing Dates:

  • Week #4: Wednesday 16th March
  • Week #5: Wednesday 23rd March
  • Week #6: Wednesday 30th March


To register a school team for Mid-Week Intermediate Cricket in Dunedin, please fill in the sporty form below before Wednesday 16th February. Schools will be invoiced per team entry.

TEAM ENTRY FORM: https://www.sporty.co.nz/viewform/193929​​​​​​​